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Texas DWI: What are
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Texas DWI Sobriety Testing

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Ten Mistakes

10 biggest mistakes
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Police Mistakes

Mistakes the police
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What Happens After
A DWI / DUI Arrest?

What Can I Do
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CDL Suspension

Field Sobriety Tests

Tests do not prove intoxication...


Lubbock DWI / DUI Defense Attorney
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Top Dallas DWI Attorney and Texas criminal defense lawyer handling contested DWI and DUI cases Dallas North Texas Don't Let Your Texas
DWI / DUI Ruin Your Life

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Skilled and Experienced Lubbock DWI Attorney / Lubbock Texas DUI Lawyers
Stephen L. Hamilton defending against DWI / DUI Arrest in the State Of Texas

If you have been arrested for a DWI / DUI in Lubbock Texas or any of our surrounding areas in West Texas such as Amarillo, Midland and Odessa Texas while driving a car, motorcycle, boat, jet-ski, basically anything with wheels or that floats and you don’t think it’s fair, you need lawyers who can protect your rights and make sure you’re treated fairly.

More to the point, you need a Texas DWI defense attorney who knows the drunk driving laws and the know how to get results. At The Law Office of Stephen L. Hamilton, you’ll find experienced DWI and DUI defense attorneys who know the laws --- and do indeed get results! When you come in for a free consultation, we'll show you specifics of what we've been able to do for past clients. We can't guarantee you a result, but we think you'll be interested in seeing our statistics!

  "Stephen Hamilton is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization"

With a skilled and experienced Lubbock DWI defense attorney on your side who knows the drunk driving laws of Texas and has been successful in getting results throughout West Texas, you’ll have a greater chance of a more favorable outcome. Experience in litigation and trial work, research and case preparation, and ongoing DWI training, helps the criminal defense attorneys prepare the best case for you.

We understand you’re probably confused, angry or fearful about your dwi arrest / dui arrest for a drunk driving incident. Being arrested for drunk driving, taken to jail, and fingerprinted and photographed can be very dehumanizing. We sincerely sympathize with you.

With a DWI in Texas, you’re being faced with a charge that can have serious outcomes. Not to scare you, but consider what could be in store for you with a drunk driving charge. If your case goes the wrong way…

dwi attorney You could lose your driver’s license
lubbock dwi  Your insurance premiums could dramatically increase – or your policy could be cancelled
lubbock dwi defense attorney  You could face substantial fines
defense lawyer  You could feel an impact when applying for future jobs
texas dwi dui law  You could face jail time

Is a DWI case expensive? Consider this…

dwi arrest  A conviction of a DWI in Texas requires you to pay a “surcharge” of $1000 a year for three years to keep your
     Texas driver’s license.
license suspension  A second DWI in Texas will cost you $1500 a year for three years.
lubbock dwi attorney  If your drunk driving charge is accompanied by a blood-alcohol content of 0.16 or more, you’ll have to pay
     $2,000 a year for three years.

With a DWI in Texas, you can face pain, inconvenience, embarrassment, and added expenses for years to come.

If you’re facing a charge of drunk driving DWI or a DUI in Texas, you need representation from an experienced and knowledgeable Texas DWI criminal defense trial attorney.


Experienced DWI / DUI Defense Trial Lawyer

We stand ready to assist you by investigating and vigorously challenging your pending criminal charges. With Mr. Hamilton being Board Certified in Criminal Law in the State Of Texas, you have a skilled and knowledgeable  drunk driving criminal defense trial lawyer, who understands the serious nature of your situation and wants to help you deal with the stressful and complex issues of a drunk driving arrest.

When you retain us we’ll insist that the District Attorney's Office provide us with the identity of anyone they plan to call as a witness. We'll seek all discovery, including officer testimony through the ALR hearing in preparation of your day in court.

As you can see, what looks simple gets pretty complex. As your criminal defense attorney I will insist that all this information be provided and that you and I walk through all this information as we discuss and proceed on your case.

WARNING !! Your license may be at risk of suspension. The license suspension is AUTOMATIC...UNLESS you request a hearing on the issue, in writing, WITHIN FIFTEEN (15) DAYS after receiving notice of suspension from the arresting agency on a Department of Public Safety approved form (generally received on the day of arrest). If a hearing has not been timely requested in the state of Texas, the suspension will automatically begin on the fortieth (40th) day after notice was received. If a hearing is requested, no action will be taken regarding suspension until after the hearing and all appeals have occurred. (Call our office in Lubbock immediately for assistance if you think your license is at risk- 806-747-8002)

The government with all of its resources can frequently make your life miserable; regardless of whether you have actually committed the crime. Real life criminal law is very serious. Cases are not resolved in one hour, and the solutions are normally not simple. Hiring a criminal defense trial lawyer can be the most important decision you make.

License Suspension from a DWI / DUI arrest can be a serious matter when it creates hardship in getting to and from work.

Many Texas drivers who are arrested for driving while intoxicated do not realize that a DWI arrest creates two cases.

Specifically, a DWI arrest results in both a criminal charge, and also initiates a civil proceeding against the arrested motorist's driving privileges called an Administrative License Revocation, or ALR.

An ALR suspension is initiated against an arrested driver for DWI when he or she either refuses to submit to breath or blood testing, or alternatively, fails a breath or blood test. The legal authority to impose an ALR suspension against a driver lies in the Texas implied consent statute.

You don’t need to face it all alone. Please call and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience, as a skilled Lubbock DWI criminal defense attorney located in Lubbock, Texas, we offer a free initial consultation where we can sit down and discuss the criminal charges against you and what options are available to you. To assist you financially in paying any attorney fees, we offer flat rate fees and flexible payment plans that will allow you to hire us as your Lubbock DWI criminal defense lawyer so we can start immediately to protect your rights.  Call us today at (806) 794-0394 for a free consultation and see how we can help with your case.

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